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Stories of a Changing Landscape: A Farmer’s Perspective

A collaboration between artists Florence Browne and Callum Baker, Stories of a Changing Landscape: A Farmer’s Perspective seeks to amplify the voices of farmers in rural Swansea by documenting and celebrating local farming heritage, exploring the challenges and successes of working the land and how outside influences have affected farming practices over the years.

It is hoped that the exhibition will create a point of connection for agricultural workers struggling with some of the issues explored and to give the public a glimpse of what life is like for those feeding the nation.

The exhibition details sector specific support services for those struggling, aiming to strengthen, support and build upon a resilient rural Swansea’s health and wellbeing.

Curent Exhibition:
- Swansea Museum, 22 Nov 2022 - 29 Jan 2023

Past Exhibitions:
- Scurlage, 26 Oct - 27 Oct 2022
- Pontarddulais, Mechanics Institute, 1 Nov - 3 Nov 2022

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